Wednesday 5 July 2023

Novel and amusing way to categorise domestic cats by their body shape

Category 1: Fine boi
Category 1: Fine boi. Screenshot from video below.

I love this amusing video. The vet clinic who made it are, I believe, trying to get a message across to cat owners but doing it in a funny way. It's probably the best way to tell cat owners to 'please watch your cat's weight'. You must have heard about the 'cat obesity epidemic'. Yep, it exists. When humans become obese there is a tendency for their cats to follow. It's about normalisation. Although my neighbours are obese and their cats aren't! 

So many health problems start with obesity both in humans and our feline friends. We really have to be self-disciplined. It can be tough but the rewards are high. My philosophy is that we owe it to ourselves to be as happy as possible. That's our target while respecting others and society. 

It is near impossible to be happy when unhealthy. Poor health causes distress at least and pain at worst. The same applies to cats. Obesity causes ill-health. QED. Keep cats healthy!

Link to the Alicia Pet Care Center TikTok page.

I do not want to be a spoiler; spoiling the fun of this video but a serious point has been made in the video. An estimated 40% of all domestic cats are obese. I suspect that that figure relates to the West i.e. developed countries.

Obesity contributes to arthritis, a fourfold increase in type II diabetes among domestic cats, poor hair coat, and hepatic lipidosis; a potentially life-threatening health problem.

A frequent error is feeding dog food to cats. Never do this! Cats require twice as much protein and B vitamins as do dogs. And they can't convert certain dietary precursors into necessary amino acids and water-soluble vitamins. A cat given dog food over a long period can develop taurine deficiency. They can also develop vitamin A deficiency, niacin deficiency, retinal degeneration and other serious or fatal issues.

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