Friday 21 July 2023

Older generation in Vietnam FALSELY believe that eating cat and dog meat has SPECIAL health benefits

OPINION: It is my understanding that the Vietnamese administration want to stop the eating of cat and dog meat in their country. They want the country to be more civilised and for the international community to regard Vietnam as more civilised. They want Hanoi the capital to be a dog and cat meat-free zone. A good starting point for the rest of the country.

Dogs transported to dog meat market for slaughter and sale
Dogs transported to dog meat market for slaughter and sale. Horrendous isn't it. Just bloody horrendous. Image:

Eating dog and cat meat holds back the country as they are eating people's pets and they kill them brutally. It is genuinely uncivilised as these animals are vulnerable and in a civilised society the vulnerable are looked after.

The problem is that the older generation firmly believe that eating cat and dog meat is particularly good at helping them to keep healthy. That's the culture and tradition but it is entirely incorrect. Cat and dog meat is no different to any other in terms of health. The younger generation, Gen Z etc are more switched on about the true nature of cat and dog meat and are more likely to see this cultural tradition as objectionable.

So, the problem is about ignorance due to a belief that is a 1000 years old. The solution must be education of the elderly masses and as soon as possible.

The Vietnam News says this:

It is said that dog meat helps build strong bones, healthy kidneys and increase muscle strength. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to ban dog meat slaughtering and trading immediately as many people, particularly in rural areas, still think like this.

I am sure they are correct. Shame the belief is entirely incorrect. And a great sadness to me that these false and ancient beliefs founded on superstition have caused so much horrible animal cruelty and extreme pain. 

Shame on them all who do this to dogs and cats. Utter ignorance. Educate them as a matter of urgency please. 

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