Sunday 9 July 2023

Tiny kitten rescued by Ukrainian soldier in the Ukraine war

The picture is nice. It's beautiful in many ways. And it shows a great gentleness by the Ukrainian soldier during this brutal war. There is great tenderness in the picture. I suspect that the guy was in that vehicle behind him and they saw the cat in the grass, stopped and returned to rescue it. But did they rescue the kitten?

We don't know what happened next. We hope that the kitten was taken by the soldiers and rehomed. That would be the ideal but a kitten this young is so vulnerable under such circumstances and I wonder whether these guys have the time and the freedom to take care of a young kitten. It's very difficult to look after such an animal under war conditions. It also requires considerable knowledge and skill.

Tiny kitten rescued by Ukrainian soldier in the Ukraine war
Tiny kitten rescued by Ukrainian soldier in the Ukraine war. Image: Ukraine Territorial Defence Forces. Poltava TDF Brigade.

But importantly, when I see this picture, I can't help but think about all the other thousands of kittens and cats and dogs and puppies who were not rescued by a kind soldier; who died because they starved to death or were shelled by Putin's forces. Putin has been responsible for many hundreds of thousands of animal deaths. Innocent lives which you must add to the human innocent lives that he has taken in the same way.

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I was told today by The Sunday Times that a large number of people are documenting Putin's war crimes. As I recall there are about 44,000 instances of war crimes perpetrated by Putin's forces in Ukraine during the war so far. They are determined to collect all the evidence that they need to successfully prosecute this monstrous individual when the war has finally been won by the forces of good over the evil of Putin.

I feel sorry for the Russian soldiers. They aren't to blame except for the generals and army leaders on the ground. They are equally to blame. But the lowly infantryman on the front-line sent to their death, we can't blame him. He is as much a victim as the innocent grandmother with her elderly cat, shelled in her apartment block.

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