Thursday 13 July 2023

Enjoy this video of an irate man who describes his neighbour as a 'cat pervert'

I suppose I should make a few comments about this amusing video. This middle-aged man is irate about his neighbour's behaviour. This is because his cat (female called 'Mercury') goes on to his neighbour's property and this middle-aged man thinks that his neighbour is keeping his cat. He think that he is possessing his cat and feeding his cat to tease his cat away from him. And he describes his neighbour as a "cat pervert" as a consequence. 

Enjoy this video of an irate man who describes his neighbour as a 'cat pervert'

It looks like he's lost his marbles because the young man he is accusing appears to have done nothing untoward. He does say that his cat goes onto his property but that happens and he is not doing anything to entice the cat onto his property. 

His dutiful wife is with him, supporting, but looks a little bemused by the whole episode. I don't think she wants it to happen. She's just there to be with him and provide some support. But the point is that the whole altercation should not have happened in the first place. Far better to have dealt with this in an amicable way; to have discussed the matter with his neighbour and then if this middle-aged man was concerned about this cat being lost to his neighbour, they could have decided amongst themselves how best to deal with it. This is not the way to go about dealing with the "problem".

I guess it shows how a neighbour dispute can be started over nothing but often it concerns a domestic cat! Poor cats. They end up being in the middle of a neighbour dispute because of their innocent behaviour.

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