Monday 3 July 2023

Is this play-fighting between a dog and cat safe?

The caregiver videoed their cat and dog play-fighting as they wanted to ask social media users if it was safe. I presume 'safe' for the smaller partner, the cat. And it think it is perfectly safe as dogs often 'mock bite'. They can bite very gently employing a 'pseudo-bite'. I've seen dogs carry young kittens in their mouths when nursing them as a surrogate mom.

Is this Safe Play with Dog Sister?
by u/Gartschool in cats

The owner says: Hey all, Apollo is my first ever cat, so I’m not super versed on what are safe interactions with his sister. Both are young, he’s only 6 1/2 months and she’s about 11 months. They play a lot, and most of the time he doesn’t run from her, he stands and holds his ground. We always correct and are training her to leave him be when told to, but we do want them to be best buds as they grow together. He does meow and ‘hunts’ her, I’m always trying to watch his body language but this video is a common way they play. I worry when she ‘pins’ him, but he doesn’t usually run away when I move her arm off him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

The 'sister' is the dog. Not the real sister! For me the dog plays more gently than many cats that I have seen in videos. 

When dogs and cats play, they have to use their mouths which is why they constantly bite each other but they are not genuine bites; just pseudo-bites. 

They haven't got hands to grab with. When humans play rough, they use their hands. Cats and dogs have to use their mouths to achieve a similar result.

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