Saturday 22 July 2023

Cat rescuer in Vietnam is exceptional

Using Bing, if you search for 'domestic cats Vietnam' you get reams of pages on cat meat all on the first page of search results. It is remarkable and horrible but I am pleased as it puts more pressure on the Vietnamese government to ban the cat meat trade. 

There are pages on how the Vietnamese kill and eat people's pets and stray cats. It is utterly uncivilised and the Vietnamese government know it.

BUT there are some rays of sunshine in Vietnam in the world of cats as there are bound to be because there are many Vietnamese citizens who love cats and care for them to a high standard. 

One of those people is Nguyễn Thúy Hải, nicknamed 'Cat Woman', who has found happiness in her life alongside the cats she cares for as if they were her own children.

The caption to the video below is:

Meet Hanoi’s catwoman! Nguyễn Thúy Hải is a true hero to abandoned felines. She has rescued and found homes for hundreds of abandoned cats over more than 24 years. Now she is busy taking care of 29 cats at her small apartment and continuing her mission to save pets each and every day.

It is remarkable that she operates her cat rescue from a small apartment. She needs help and proper facilities. Can someone help her, please!?

Here is a video about her and her cat rescue:

However, it is sad to report that although the video was uploaded to YouTube in March 2023, it has only been seen a measly 279 times. People are not interested in this video and yet it is important.

She's rescuing cats in a country where they eat domestic and stray cats. She goes against the grain. She is doing something which is probably quite rare in Vietnam. She takes an enlightened viewpoint and one governed by animal welfare which on both counts is the opposite to those who eat cat meat in Vietnam.

The cat meat eaters of Vietnam are unenlightened as they superstitiously and unthinkingly rely on a centuries old culture to believe that cat meat is a medicine and that it will improve their health.

It's superstitious nonsense. Cat meat is no different to any other meat. It is the flesh of an animal. This woman appears to have seen through the distortions to rational thinking that Vietnamese culture forces on its citizens and decided that the vulnerable strays need rescuing and saving.

I wish there were more like her. She deserves praise. She deserves to be put on a pedestal. Perhaps if that happened some cat meat eaters would change their mind about the medicinal benefits of feline flesh.

She made this comment about the Vietnamese cat owning mentality:

If a cat is beautiful, clean and healthy, no one will let it down. People only abandon it when it's sick and almost impossible to live with. They don't want to waste their time and money, so they just abandon them.

What does that tell you? A completely incorrect attitude to cat caregiving. Utterly incorrect. The relationship between cat and caregiver is for the life of the cat. End of.

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