Cat calls the family dog to come inside and he responds

@brittney.georgiana Talkative fat boi #fyp #cat #funny #talkingcat #blackcatsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Brittney Georgiana
In the viral video shared by TikToker Brittney Georgiana (@brittany.georgiana), her large black cat, Jinks sits by the open door to their yard, meowing loudly. She thinks that Jinks is calling the family dog. It looks like it as the dog, a German Shepherd, Dax, responds as asked!

Well, it's cute and Britteney does a nice job of translating Jinks' meows. She says her cat was feeling talkative. This means Jinks was talkative before he called Dax. This means Jink is not calling Dax! It is possible that Jink was calling Dax to approach. That seems more plausible.


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