Sunday 16 July 2023

Clean-cut Chicago man allegedly a kitten torturer and killer

NEWS AND COMMENT-Chicago, USA: The New York Post tells me that Thomas Martel, 22, turned himself into the police after his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or a woman filed a complaint about him concerning animal cruelty.

Clean cut Thomas Martel
Clean cut Thomas Martel. An alleged kitten torturer/killer. Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office.

Some websites have put a warning on their article to protect readers because it is alleged that he put one kitten in a bag and then in a microwave. It is also alleged that he drowned and squeezed to cats to death and a third he mutilated.

Bizarrely, each of the kittens that died had the name 'Shelly'. Apparently, the arrest warrant has been made public and within it there is a record of Martel taking prescribed medications and that he allegedly suffers from mental health issues.

Comment: you have to suffer from mental health issues if you did what he is alleged to have done. Nobody normal cannot do what he allegedly did.

He has a clean-cut look as I say in the title. I think it is relevant to the discussion. He is not a dishevelled, ill-educated young man as you might think, on drugs and a low-lifer. 

He appears to be well educated, well brought up and the kind of young man you would pass in the street in a respectable suburb and believe that he was a contributor to society but apparently not. 

We will have to see how it pans out because these are allegations but then again, he did turn himself in which indicates an admission to the allegations.

His alleged perverted behavior reminds me of Jack Spicey Strip in China who apparently went on a rampage an cat killing including using a microwave. Maybe be got the idea from Jack.

The tweet from Phaedra updates the page. It looks worse than I had thought. His girlfriend allegedly found the kittens on Craigslist! Why did she expose the crimes?

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