Calico cat delivers a speech to her alpaca followers about British citizenship

This is a British calico (tortoiseshell-and-white) domestic cat laying down the law for a bunch of alpacas who've flow in from South America to settle in the country.

She's the boss. The accompanying tweet below is good except there is one little mistake; they think this is a tuxedo cat (black-and-white) when she is a tortie as mentioned.

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The photo must have been taken on an alpaca farm in the UK somewhere and the farmers have a sweet domestic cat whose made friends with the alpacas.

Calico cat delivers speech to her alpaca followers
Calico cat delivers speech to her alpaca followers. Image: Twitter.

This is the tweet:
'Tuxedo' The Cat: "Thank you 'Alpacas' for being here for this Monday morning meeting. I know you all originate from South America, so welcome to the U.K. I need to lay down a few rules... (1.) I run things around here, so if you have any problems, simply ask me, okay?"


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