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Saturday 1 July 2023

Calico cat delivers a speech to her alpaca followers about British citizenship

This is a British calico (tortoiseshell-and-white) domestic cat laying down the law for a bunch of alpacas who've flow in from South America to settle in the country.

She's the boss. The accompanying tweet below is good except there is one little mistake; they think this is a tuxedo cat (black-and-white) when she is a tortie as mentioned.

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The photo must have been taken on an alpaca farm in the UK somewhere and the farmers have a sweet domestic cat whose made friends with the alpacas.

Calico cat delivers speech to her alpaca followers
Calico cat delivers speech to her alpaca followers. Image: Twitter.

This is the tweet:
'Tuxedo' The Cat: "Thank you 'Alpacas' for being here for this Monday morning meeting. I know you all originate from South America, so welcome to the U.K. I need to lay down a few rules... (1.) I run things around here, so if you have any problems, simply ask me, okay?"

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Alpaca cat

What is the alpaca cat? Simple answer. This is not about a cat but a name. The alpaca cat was an alternative name for the LaPerm cat. As you probably know, the fur of the alpaca is wavy and spongy. It naturally crimps. It is somewhat like the fur of the LaPerm which, because of a genetic mutation, has an unusual texture, having "a distinctive coat that falls in loose ringlets, reminiscent of the Komondor or Puli dog". The quote comes from Dr. Desmond Morris in his book Cat World. Click this for LaPerm info.

Alpaca and LaPerm
Alpaca and LaPerm. Image: MikeB. LaPerm pic by Helmi Flick.

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