Tuesday 11 July 2023

Great looking cat with a moustache is unwanted at a Blue Cross shelter, UK

This is very strange. The cat's name is Miko and she has a stunning appearance. It's the kind of appearance that would normally attract a lot of attention with people applying to adopt her quickly. If people want a cat that looks interesting this is the kind of cat you would want to adopt. But we are told by the Blue Cross charity in Hertfordshire, UK that Miko has received no applications for her adoption. She appears to be unwanted. She has no behavioural problems and is described as a confident girl.

Interesting-looking Miko is unwanted but why? She is 10 and healthy with a nice character. Image: Blue Cross.

There appears to be no health problems as far as I am aware (please check with Blue Cross). She looks a little bit overweight in the picture but nothing really to report. The key factor might be this: she is 10 years of age. This is not particularly old but it is middle-aged towards old age by some people's standards. 

The reason is that older cats are more likely to suffer from ill-health and you have to deal with the end-of-life complications and pressures sooner. But older cats can be great companions too as they 'know the ropes'.

It is known that older cats are harder to rehome than for example kittens. But you would have thought that her appearance would make up for that age barrier. If you are interested, please click on this link to go to the Blue Cross website to meet Miko on that website.

Location: Kimpton Btm, Hitchin SG4 8EU, UK.

Her description is as follows:

Meet the gorgeous Miko

Miko is a cat who is full of quirk and personality, she has stolen the hearts of all the cattery staff here at Blue Cross Hertfordshire. Miko is a confident girl but she can take a while to build a bond with a new person, however once she has, she is affectionate on her terms and might even give you some licks on your hand. Despite her age, she is full of life and enjoys playing with feathers and rod toys. She especially loves chewing on some cat grass!

Miko is looking for a home with a lovely garden for her to sunbathe in. She needs a home with only adults or older teenagers and no other pets. Miko is a truly unique girl, who likes things her way and will make an amazing companion to someone looking for a bit of company and a furry friend to share their life with.

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