Wednesday 1 September 2021

Vet removes huge pulsating parasite from kitten's neck

This is a botfly larva. Quite disgusting. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of botfly larva being removed from kittens. It's a bit mad. People are fascinated with the ghoulish nature of these videos. I've watched it and the size is horrific when you think it was inside this small, fragile kitten's neck. They've been extracted from worse places such as from the nose or the eye. Horror videos. This one is not too bad.

Botfly larva pulled from kitten's neck
Botfly larva pulled from kitten's neck

See: Picture of a warble pulled from under the skin of a kitten

The botfly lays eggs on the skin and they burrow into it and take up home under the skin where they grow and feed off the cat. Parasites are disgusting. They can cause infections. They present as lumps on the skin. If you see a lump on your cat one possible cause is one of these foul creatures.

Here is the botfly lifecycle if you are interested:

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