Wednesday 8 September 2021

Encouraging your cat to sleep in a tree (when safe to do so)

Cats are vertical movers. And cat caregivers know that domestic cats like to rest in high places to feel more secure. Also, domestic cats like to be in nature if at all possible. It is a natural place for them. I understand if it is not possible for safety reasons. A good catio with a fake tree would be a nice substitute.

Gabs in a tree looking happy and relaxed
Gabs in a tree looking happy and relaxed. Pic: MikeB

But if your cat can go into a garden and if there is a tree in the garden which can be climbed you can make him a little hammock out of plastic netting strung between branches as I have. He'll climb into it with happiness in his heart and spend many enjoyable hours there in the summer days. Broad leaf trees are perhaps the best as they provide natural shade.

Associated: How do I make my cat happy?

I believe that it is these small things that can make all the difference to a cat's life. It is tapping into the raw cat withing as Jackson Galaxy would say. It is about recognising the wild cat inside the domestic cat and firing it up - cat mojo. That's how you make a domestic cat happy.

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