Tuesday 7 September 2021

Hairless crested dog in bed with a Sphynx cat

An interesting photo: what appears to be a hairless crested dog and a Sphynx cat in bed together. I think it is the first time I have seen this. Two things come to mind (1) they can keep each other warm and (2) the owner must like hairlessness! You have to keep hairless cats indoors, which is unfortunate.

Hairless crested dog in bed with a Sphynx cat
Hairless crested dog in bed with a Sphynx cat. Photo: Pinterest.

I do not know much about hairless dogs but I do know that with hairless cats you have to clean them regularly because the sebaceous glands produce oils which rather than being deposited on hair strands is deposited on the skin where it picks up dirt and grime. The sebaceous also have nowhere to go. And of course, you got temperature issues because a hairless cat in a very cold climate is not going to work for obvious reasons. 

You have to provide a coat but the advice that I have seen is that you should keep a Sphynx cat inside in cold temperatures. In hot temperatures there may be the possibility of sunburn so the general upshot is to keep hairless cats inside but what about dogs? It goes against the grain to keep a pet dog inside all the time and it is probably impossible to achieve.

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There is an accepted idea of the full-time indoor cat but is this model of cat caregiving accepted for the hairless domestic dog? What percentage of domestic dogs are kept inside full-time? I can't find an answer to the question but you will find an answer to the question of how many domestic cats are kept indoors full-time. It is quite a high percentage nowadays e.g. 40%, and the trend is growing in that direction in the USA.

The same problems of keeping a cat indoors all the time apply to a dog, perhaps more so. I think that you would have to find some way of taking your hairless dog outside safely perhaps using a skin care product to protect against sunburn or, in the cold, to wear a suitably adapted coat.

P.S. The cat is a bicolor. Is the pattern in the skin or within fine downy hair? I reckon the melanocytes in the skin, where the pigment is created, create the pattern in hairless cats. See: Picture of a black Sphynx cat.

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