Tuesday 28 September 2021

Daddy long legs are not poisonous to cats or dogs

In case you were wondering! Daddy long legs are not poisonous to cats and dogs. As they are insects a cat might be interested in nibbling one. No harm will be done. Domestic cats naturally eat insects or they might nibble on one.

Daddy long legs. Image by Strudders from Pixabay 

I can't bring myself to say anymore because there is no more to say. There is one page on the internet (wildlifeinformer.com) which takes about 2,000 words to say what can said in around 50. I have dragged it out by they take the prize in waffle and padding.

The only added point worth making is that in some countries such as the USA there are poisonous spiders which can do genuine harm to the ever-inquisitive domestic cat. I have a several pages on that. Here is one: Can cats get bitten by brown recluse spiders?

I also have a page on: 230 cat poisons (list). And finally: Insects and Snakes Poisonous to Cats (USA).

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