Monday 13 September 2021

Unusual photograph of cat and caregiver

"Our tiny turtle is a papa to two cats; Pluto and Muffin. Pluto is a hyperactive furless cat and Muffin is a Scottish breed. This little family is my source of happiness.."

I like this photo. It is different. It made me look. It is a nice composition too. The words of the owner are above. He lives in an Asian country but not sure which one. The hairless cat is photogenic. Cats like to smell their owners! The scent of their caregiver is enjoyable to them. Initially it looked to me as if the cat was sniffing his eye. But no. The cat is licking his left foreleg while resting it on the man's face. Cool.

Looks odd but it's completely normal for a cat.

Unusual photograph of cat and caregiver
Unusual photograph of cat and caregiver. Photo: Twitter.

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