Saturday 4 September 2021

33 rescued purebred Persian cats are available for adoption from MSPCA-Angell

MSPCA-Angell is the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell Animal Medical Centre. It is a long title and they find themselves in the extraordinary position of having 33 rescued purebred flat-faced Persian cats for adoption to the public.

One of the contemporary Persian cats rescued. You can see how neglected the cat is with a heavily matted coat and dirty
One of the badly neglected contemporary Persian cats after rescue showing the dirty and badly matted coat which needed to be shaved. The cats suffered from upper respiratory infections. They are now ready for adoption. The photograph is by MSPCA-Angell.

The MSPCA at Nevins Farm are in the process of identifying adopters for these purebred Persian cats. They were surrendered to the organisation from a central Massachusetts home on August 23.

The reason why they are available and were rescued is because the cats, primary caregiver passed away leaving a man (husband?) to take care of the cats and he couldn't manage. They say that he quickly realised he could not meet their needs. I would have to argue with that because if he had quickly realised he couldn't do the job then they wouldn't have ended up so matted and in such a poor state in terms of their dirty coats and general health. So, the man took too long about it sadly but he agreed to surrender them to their adoption centre.


They say that many of them are previous show cats and several of them were imported from Italy. Over the two weeks that they've been in the care of MSPCA-Angell they have undergone treatment for various ailments and their coats have been de-matted by shaving and grooming. There was suffering from upper respiratory infections and dental health issues. Their coats were matted and dirty, as mentioned. The living environment was cluttered and crowded.

They suggest that the cats need good care from now on but it is unusual, I would say that it is unique, for a rescue organisation to have 33 purebred cats, some of them show cats, up for adoption to the public. I don't think the public will have a better chance to adopt a contemporary Persian cat from a rescue than this one.

The age of the cats varies from 5 to 12 years old. As mentioned, these are contemporary Persian cats with flat faces. Not everybody likes this extreme form of breeding and they can have inherited health issues such as breathing problems, tear duct overflow and on my research, 35% of Persian cats suffer from polycystic kidney disease. I would ask about that when adopting.

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