Saturday 25 September 2021

Madison, USA, looking at cat declawing ban

Kitty with her claws
Kitty with her claws. Pic in public domain.

This is an embedded audio file. Click on the start button to hear an interview of the alder who has proposed the ordinance to ban declawing. It is titled 'Madison alder introduces proposal to ban cat declawing'. Madison is the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. 

Note: this audio-player may stop working one day. I can't control that. 

Pittsburgh is also looking at a declaw ban. There are already around 10+ cities where declawing is banned, and one US state: New York. Austin, Texas recently banned it. There are more bans in the pipeline. The House of Cards is falling.

In Canada a ban on declawing is widespread across many provinces but not 100%. The point being made is that if the vets don't voluntarily give it up on the basis that it is cruel and against their oath when done for non-therapeutic reasons (99.9% of the time), legislatures across the US will ban the bloody operation. 

Come on vets pull your bloody (literally) fingers out and give up on it! There is no reason for it and a study proves that declawing does not stop relinquishment of cats to shelters. That's the vets great defense and it isn't worth a hill of beans. We always knew it was a crappy defense.

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