Tuesday 7 September 2021

Catastrophically obese Sphynx cat

This is a catastrophically obese, hairless cat, probably a Sphynx. How on earth the cat's owner got his/her cat into this state is beyond me. There is a slight possibility that this is a photo-edited image but I don't think that it is. However, it may be fabricated in some other way but it is unclear. I have to believe it is as it is difficult to believe this could be genuine. 

It comes from Pinterest and I have no information about it except, perhaps, that the cat might live in Asia because the image appears to have been updated by an Asian woman.

Catastrophically obese Sphynx cat
Catastrophically obese Sphynx cat. Photo: Pinterest.

You might have heard of the 'pet obesity epidemic', which describes a very high percentage of domestic cats being obese perhaps something in the order of 33% of all domestic cats and dogs are obese to varying degrees in the US. Obesity brings with it a raft of health problems including, just like people, Type II diabetes aka "sugar diabetes". And sugar diabetes is a very dangerous disease which eventually kills you as it affects the functioning of various organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

Associated page: Domestic cats should be able to self-regulate their weight so why do they become obese?

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