Saturday 11 September 2021

Cat wearing hard hat lines up with construction workers

It is said that this relaxed cat was used as a PR exercise for the annexation of Crimea by Russia. I have no idea if it's true but it is claimed on Twitter. But was it a joke? As I said, no idea. But there has to be a story behind this cat and I can't find it. You can see that the construction workers are being interviewed by a reporter from a Russian TV station. 

It doesn't really help me much except to confirm that this is probably a Russian or Crimean ginger tabby-and-white cat (male as gingers are nearly always male). And the guys look like Russians but I could be stereotyping. The cat is probably a good luck charm for the workers who adopted him. Stray cats are good at inveigling themselves into the lives of humans so they are cared for and good for them. 

The photos were probably taken in Russia or Crimea. I favour the latter. The guy on the left is wearing a hard hat that is 3 sizes too small (at least). I cannot see how it can protect him :) !

Cat wearing hard hat with construction workers
Cat wearing hard hat with construction workers. Photo: Twitter.

Cat wearing hard hat on construction site in Russia or Crimea
Cat wearing hard hat on construction site in Russia or Crimea. Photo: Twitter.

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