Tuesday 2 August 2011

Buying a Bengal Cat

Silver Spotted Bengal Cat - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

Buying a Bengal cat is like buying any cat really. OK you'll need to be aware of the characteristics of the Bengal cat - active and intelligent etc. but by and large it is about buying any purebred cat. I have a page and video of a comparison between the Bengal cat and the Exotic Shorthair. It is quite informative, I think you will find. This page on cat personality types might also help.

I would check out the health issues surrounding the Bengal cat but not be put off by them. It is just nice to know about potential pitfalls. Ask questions etc.

As to prices - check out this section of a Bengal cat page I built some time ago. Bengal cats are purebred cats and they will cost the same as any other purebred cat in general. You will be buying a "pet" (not a breeding cat). The contract will specify neutering and if you are in breach of contract damages will have to be paid (if you don't get away with it). Please don't break contracts.

Talking of contracts Wild Expressions in Canada have a nice simply written contract (between breeder and buyer) that tells you a lot about buying a Bengal cat. Please read it carefully it is very informative.

You'll need to know the coat types as well. If you'd like to read what other people think about the Bengal cat and their personal experiences this is a good start.

Penultimately, check out some champion superstar Bengal cats and feast your eyes. This is what they should look like.

Finally please read what Helmi Flick has to say about buying a high filial wildcat hybrid (if you are thinking about that - most Bengals are SBT though). Her experiences on this occasion relate to an F1 Chausie but it applies to all purchases from a breeder. Also this page is about Bengal House Cats and has some stuff on buying and more general info plus pics and videos.

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