Wednesday 3 December 2008

Zero odor

Well, I found out about a product called Zero Odor from a Yahoo Group; specifically a cat breeder who uses it successfully.

I am not promoting it, just talking about it. One of the biggest problems for some humans in keeping cats is the smell. Personally, I have never had a problem with smell. Cats smell great. They rub against objects and leave their sent but I can't smell that; other cats can though and that could in some circumstances cause problems. In fact it may be causing a problem for me as another stray cat has turned up. This may have happened because of the smell of my two cats using the cat flap. Then there is urine. This can be a problem but once again it has never been a problem for me. Cats will rarely if ever urinate outside the cat litter unless there is something wrong and that can mean something wrong with our behavior and the home in which we and our cat lives. Or it may relate to the health of the cat (cystitis come to mind as an example).

The video above seems to be a promotional video produced by the manufacturer so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Zero Odor seems to be a sought after product. This probably means that it is effective. Apparently there was a person from Tuft's University at the TICA annual in Texas and he said that Tuft's had tested most of the cat urine odor eliminators and they found that Zero Odor was the most effective and it worked immediately. That is a good recommendation.

It doesn't work by masking the odor but by spraying anti-odor molecules that seek and bond with the odor molecules changing them into molecules that do not cause odor. Sounds like eutopia.

But as I said it seems to come highly recommended. You can buy it on Amazon as one example. It can be bought in the UK and USA so seems to be available internationally to at least some degree. Update Feb 2011: At the time of writing it was available in the UK. I can't see it anywhere at this time. Alternatives in the UK will be similarly effective provided they act in the same way - at the molecular level changing the structure of urine molecules chemically rather then simply washing them of the carpet or whatever.

USA - Zero Odor:

UK - Urine Remover/Neutraliser:

I have used Simple Soultion Cat Spray & Urine Stain & Odor Remover with great success. The type I bought is no longer for sale it seems but the product below is made by the same manufacturer:

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  1. Where in the UK can this be bought - I have searched everywhere !

  2. Sorry but it seems that Zero Odor is no longer available or was not available in the UK.

    I am happy to be corrected however.


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