Cat Christmas Present

Looking for a cat Christmas present? Those of us with cats are compelled to prepare a little Christmas stocking for our cats. It is just the done thing. Cats love Christmas. The wrapping paper everywhere to tear up and play in. The Christmas tree to climb in.

And, you know, every Christmas there is one toy that is the "in toy", that sells out and which is sourced with great passion by the parents; well I think this is going to be the cat equivalent:

I am not promoting this cat Christmas present for a commission! It just seems pretty cool, easy to set up (you just attach it to a door) and it is battery driven. Hey, with the winter, even outdoor cats are going to get bored stuck indoors so this will at least amuse them occasionally and it requires no effort from us.

We can concentrate on getting fat by overeating and over drinking while our cat gets fitter and slimmer.

I forgot, it's called a Fling-ama-String....

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