Wednesday 17 December 2008

Three Types of Cat People

There are three types of cat people. The first is those that care for animals and cats. These are people who are sensitive to the feelings of cats and lets remind ourselves that cats have emotions. These people pick up the mess caused by the people who are insensitive to the emotions, welfare (call it what you like) of cats and all animals. These people are irresponsible and self centred and have an outdated, outmoded and limited perception of life and the suffering, feelings of other living creatures including cats. Then there are the ones in the grey area in between. In terms of animal and cat welfare, the ones in between are almost as bad as the worst group because they are passive, inactive and apathetic to the plight of many animals.

Some people in the first group don't set out to help cats but the task is thrust upon them. One such person is Melinda Beit of New London County, Connecticut, USA. She traps, neuters and releases feral cats. She feeds feral cats. She cares for feral cats in her area. Someone has to. She didn't plan to do. It just happened. She couldn't turn her back on it. She has a heart and she picks up the pieces of irresponsible people in the other two categories mentioned above.

She says this, "Spay a cat and save a hundred from a lifetime of misery and certain death."

There are three types of cat people and Melinda is in the good group, the very good group.

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