Wednesday 31 December 2008

Cat Dominance Hierarchy

Black Tuxedo cat lying on backThere is a cat dominance hierarchy developing or developed in my home. It's the first time that I've seen it happen because it is the first time I have kept more than one cat. There are three. Well, I'm not exactly keeping three in the normal sense. One I am keeping. She is an old girl (about 16 years old), overweight, shy, quiet and a bit nervous (see picture middle right).

The other two are strays. First there is Timmy. He is an athletic boy cat, youngish, great jumper, eats like a horse and sleeps like a log. He turned up several months ago and he pops in every day for food and a snooze. I don't think he considers this place home though, more a motel (he's top left on this page sleeping while being in control).

Then thirdly we have Pippa, a small, mentally sharp, nervous, loving and totally black female cat who lives next door and obviously doesn't feel that happy about it because she comes to visit without any prompting whatsoever. Quite the contrary in fact. She is terrorized by my cat, which I find surprising. She still comes though.
Black Tuxedo cat looking up
So the hierarchy, which is wholly to be expected is that the Top Cat is Timmy. He is the Tuxedo boy looking exactly like "TC" of Top Cat cartoon fame.

Next in line is my girl, Binnie. She is to the right on this page. Yes, she's overweight because she is defensive and hides and is therefore not active enough. Plus she always wins the arguments about food.

Then at the bottom of the league and hiding under a table is little Pippa:

small black cat under a table
Pippa, the lowest in cat dominance hierarchy at my place.

No doubt the table gives some protection from that ogre my cat (just joking as my Binnie is completely soft and gentle). But Binnie's natural instincts take over and she knows she can beat Pippa but not Timmy who she just looks at and steers clear of.

Timmy is Mr. Boss man. That is cat dominance hierarchy.

Cat Dominance Hierarchy to Cartoon Cats

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