Viverral Cat

The Viverral cat is very rare and there is not much information on this cat breed, so this is a short post. Another rare cat breed that has a very similar parentage is the Bagral cat or Machbagral cat. Both are wildcat/domestic cat hybrids.

The Machagral is a Fishing cat crossed with a black tabby cat (faint tabby markings). The Viverral cat is also a Fishing cat hybrid but this time crossed with an F1 -- F3 Bengal cat.

This cat breed is accepted by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry and were first bred in 1995. The Fishing Cat is a typical looking small wildcat, stocky, muscular and what cat fancier's might call "unrefined". So the Viverral is bound to be muscular and have, what cat breeders might call, a substantial body type (see body types).

Asian Fishing Cat
Asian Fishing Cat - the wildcat half of the Viverral cat - photo by The Brit_2

This Viverral has a wide nose, smallish head (like the Bengal), smallish ears and a thick medium length tail. The coat is spotted.

The name comes from the Latin name of the Asian Fishing Cat, namely: Felis viverrina.

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  1. Where is Viverral cat originally from?

    1. It is USA created wild cat hybrid. Someone in the USA - a cat breeder - decided to create a new hybrid cat breed and did this. It happens quite a lot but breeders have run out of options.


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