Wednesday 31 December 2008

Cats have a Sagittal Crest

cat bitingMy cat has a sagittal crest, has yours? Some (all?) cats have a sagittal crest. When I feel the top of her skull, which she likes me to do by the way, I can feel a ridge along the middle of the skull running from the front to the back. It is quite noticeable. I rub her head a lot as she likes it but just thought that her skull was a little uneven!

[note: the cat in the photo is not my cat. This cat chewing grass lives with Flickr photographer ex.libris and the photograph is by her published under a creative commons license]

You can read more on this by clicking on this link

Well now I know different. The sagittal crest is commonly found among adult male gorillas. These animals have a very strong bite due to strong jaw muscles, which attach to the sagittal crest. The main chewing muscle is the temporalis muscle. This ridge of bone develops on animals who use their teeth when hunting and killing prey.

It can be present on dogs and cats of all types. The wildcat hybrids such as the Bengal cat and Savannah cat are perhaps more likely to have this ridge of bone. We know how hard a cat's bite can be so this is no surprise to me. Yet a domestic cat's bite is relatively weak compared to the Tasmanian Devil, a small dog like animal living in Tasmania. This animal has the world's strongest bite (see Cat Bites -- this sets out comparisons of bite strength)

There you go, cats have a sagittal crest -- have a feel next time you stroke your cat.


  1. Thank you - I noticed my cat's sagittal crest about two weeks ago and since his other house mate (female cat) does not have one - was curious about it. Really appreciated learning what it was.

  2. mine seems to have only developed this ridge around 6 years old. strange.

  3. Mine developed one at 11, I got so scared it was something dangerous


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