Sunday 12 December 2021

Queen Elizabeth II refused to send a card to a domestic cat celebrating their hundredth birthday!

This is an interesting royal story concerning a cat (which is rare) and it requires a bit of explaining. Rachel Thomas, of Barmouth in North Wales found out that Queen Elizabeth II (the UK's monarch), sends cards to UK citizens who have reached 100-years-of-age. Rachel wisely understood that her 18 year old cat, Sindy, who was 18 years of age at the time, had reached the human age of 100. In fact she had surpassed that age. So Rachel wrote to the Queen asking for a special card from her majesty to celebrate her cat's hundred-year birthday.

Rachel Thomas and her cat Sindy
Rachel Thomas and her cat Sindy. Photo: Rachel Thomas.

Now, in these instances the Queen does not reply personally unless the letter is exceptional or a response is required in her role as the monarch. She has assistants to help and I suspect it is the assistants who do all of the work including reading the letters and writing the responses. But they are written on her behalf so I think we can fairly say that you are getting a response from the Queen, indirectly.

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At the time Rachel was 10 years of age. She is now 44. And the response from the Queen was that she couldn't send a card to a cat. Rachel was very happy to receive a response anyway. She went back to her school class and told everybody that she had received a letter from the Queen.

Personally, I would have been a little bit disappointed because there is no reason why you can't send a card to a cat 😊. The Queen knew the address and the cat's name. All they had to do was pretend they were writing to an infant human and it would have worked out just fine. I guess the person who replied was a little too straight-laced to have the imagination to play that game. Anyway it was great to reply.

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I think the letter was written by the lady-in-waiting to the Queen or someone of that standing. The Queen receives 300 letters daily I'm told by The Mirror newspaper. So she needs an army of helpers particularly now as she is 95 years of age. A remarkable age at which to continue working and serving the country.

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