Thursday 30 December 2021

Infographic on cat declawing which is self-explanatory

Yes, I am hammering away as usual on what seems to have become a boring topic to some people in America. I'm sorry if you are bored by it. I've become somewhat bored myself. However, I will never stop being disgusted by the operation. Every time I think about it it conjures up images of vulnerable kittens being hauled into veterinary clinics before a veterinarian who has totally lost his moral compass. And he gets the guillotine out and chops off the ends of those toes. Rant continued below the image....

Infographic on cat declawing which is self-explanatory
Infographic on cat declawing which is self-explanatory. My thanks to Cassandra.

The poor kitten hasn't got a clue what is going on. He or she is bemused and confused. And he or she will be in chronic pain when they come around from the operation. They will be climbing the walls of their cage moaning in agony. Despite a heavy dose of painkillers. And then if they are lucky they will walk fairly normally for the rest of their lives but they may be one of the many hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of cats who develop complications which have a severe and negative impact upon their lives. 

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This operation is unnecessary. It is morally repugnant. It is an aberration and a stain on the veterinary profession in North America. It must stop. There has been piecemeal prohibitions of declawing in some cities in California and New York state banned it recently. 

But this is not enough. Piecemeal prohibitions means that millions of kittens are being declawed. It could stop tomorrow in a federal ban but of course there is no chance of that because it is not on the radar of the politicians who run America.

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