Thursday 23 December 2021

Can cats eat avocados? Why the hell should you feed your cat an avocado?

The Dodo asks: "Can cats eat avocados?" For the life of me, I cannot see why that question is being asked. Who feeds their domestic cat companion avocados? Don't tell me, you're going to write a comment and say that you feed your cat avocados because it benefits their health. Personally I can't see the point of the idea or the article. It's impossible to think of a more inappropriate food for your cat.

Cat and an avocado
Cat eats an avocado? The images provided by The Dodo. Thank You. It is a good image but you are not going to see this in real life. 😊. Obvious.

The avocado is a fruit, a single-seeded berry. Domestic cats don't eat fruit. No cat eats fruit. They might eat digested fruit in the belly of the prey animal that they have killed. So, yes, cats might eat fruit but not specifically or deliberately.

As expected, The Dodo tells me that avocados aren't the worst thing that you can give your cat to eat (if they would eat it in the first place) but that they can cause a stomach upset if they eat too much. Why should a cat eat avocados in the first place?

The Dodo spoke to Dr. Stephanie Liff about letting a cat eat avocados. It seems that her advice is that avocados are considered toxic due to the presence of persin, a substance which is in leaves, barks and seeds. It is not highly toxic but it can cause damage to the heart and mammary glands. It should not be offered to cats the doctor says.

Avocados can cause persin toxicity in cats. Apparently, the high fat content of avocados might cause your cat to develop pancreatitis. It seems that they have to digest a large quantity of avocado to achieve this state of toxicity. And as I can't see any domestic cat wanting to eat any quantity of avocado it seems highly unlikely that a domestic cat will be poisoned by an avocado.

The Dodo article is, in my opinion, a sign of desperation to find something to write about. I can, however, understand that problem. All websites about any species of animal will end up running out of material at some stage. It's a finite subject. And there will come a time when I stop. I did say that about 10 years ago 😉.

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