Thursday 2 December 2021

Can you tell the difference between twin cats?

The owner of these charming ginger tabby twin cats says: "People always ask how I can tell my cats apart; and I can never answer how. I just know. Reddit do you spot any differences I can point out to people?"

Well, you can see the faint difference in the 'M' tabby mark on the forehead. It is not a huge difference obviously but there is one. And the cat on the right looks slightly more feminine to me. The owner does not say if they are males or females. 

That is interesting, as it is part of the problem of identifying domestic cats. Can you tell the gender of these twins? They look male to me but I am not sure. Can you always tell a female from a male? I can't. There are often clues, the biggest of which is the size of the cat. And I believe a cat's face can look more masculine or feminine.

Twin ginger tabbies. Photo: u/Lazy-Squish on Reddit.

Between these two, there will be some differences in behaviour I expect. This should help the owner to distinguish between them. I'd expect it to be rare for a good cat owner to fail to be able to distinguish twin cats from each other but it probably happens from time to time. It'll be a spur of the moment mistake, I'd expect.

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