Wednesday 8 December 2021

Felpreva a new multi-purpose spot on treatment for internal and external cat parasites

The European Medicines Agency has approved for marketing a new spot-on treatment called Felpreva manufactured by Vetoquinol SA. It's described as a pioneering spot-on treatment as it is multipurpose. It protects against all main endoparasites and ectoparasites such as tape worms, fleas and ticks and is designed for 3-monthly use. The treatment belongs to the endectocide group. Endoparasites those that infest the body internally and ectoparasites are those that are external and on the skin.

Longhaired cat that might benefit from Felpreva
Longhaired cat that might benefit from Felpreva. She looks like a chinchilla doll face Persian. Picture in the public domain.

We have spot-on treatments for parasites such as fleas which are well known but a multipurpose treatment has been unavailable until it appears now. I understand that it is still progressing through the authorisation process.

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Insecticides, which is what they are, for domestic cats are believed to be the biggest proportion of the veterinary pharmaceutical market. Educated cat owners, however, have a problem with treating their cats with insecticides because they are dangerous products. I'm told the 40% of cat owners say they felt anxious or concerned and even guilty about using these products on their cat.

This has an impact upon the usage of flea treatments. Personally, I do not administer a spot-on flea treatment to my cat but I flea comb him twice a day and he is clear every day of ectoparasites. He receives a de-worming pill from time to time to kill endoparasites. I feel that he is healthy. I am one of the 40% of cat owners who feel nervous about using these chemicals.

Helen Hunter at Vetoquinol said that "the need for a breakthrough endectocide solution like Felpreva has never been greater. This marketing authorisation is a vital achievement for Vetoquinol UK, and will allow us to bring convenience, longer-lasting protection, and ease of use to veterinary professionals and owners alike, in turn safeguarding the well-being of our feline companions."

The European Medicines Agency state that the side effects are mild and transient and might be present at the side of application if there are any side-effects. They say that the treatment is "generally well tolerated at the recommended dose". They further say that it is....

"For cats with, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infestations/infections. The veterinary medicinal product is exclusively indicated when ectoparasites, cestodes and nematodes are targeted at the same time."

The treatment is for: fleas, ticks, as part of a treatment for the control of flea allergy dermatitis, for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of notoederic mange, ear mite infestations, roundworms (nematodes), lung worms and tapeworms.

It seems to be very useful but let's wait and see. Personally I'm always very cautious about using these sorts of treatments as mentioned and products such as this one are always talked up before launch.

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