Wednesday 15 December 2021

Starving, diminutive kitten behaves like a tiger eating a freshly killed wild buffalo

Note: This is an embedded TikTok video. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

It is a cute reminder that kittens are born ravenous and carnivorous. A mentality inherited from their wild cat ancestor. It certainly pays dividends to remember that domestic cats are wild cats at heart; a whisker away from their wild ancestor in behaviour. 

And this carnivorous mentality is all apparent in the short video. In terms of mentality there is no difference between this cute little kitten and a big tiger on a reserve in India. They just want to bolt down the food as quickly as possible. I wonder, though, if this kitten has been starved a little bit to make sure that he behaves as you see in the video and as desired by the video-maker.

Starving diminutive kitten behaves like a tiger eating a buffalo
Starving diminutive kitten behaves like a tiger eating a buffalo

The video has been engineered to be interesting which it certainly is. But you wouldn't feed a kitten a raw steak like this normally. It is not a good lesson in how to feed your cat. Let's put it that way. 

Because that steak does not contain all the ingredients that a cat needs. It contains some of them but not all of them., In that way, therefore, this is a slightly careless video but we shouldn't snipe at it because it teaches us the lesson that domestic cats need a meat diet or one that replicates it accurately. 

In fact, it is bigger than that because when a wild cat eats a prey animal they eat more than just the flesh which humans call meat. In human language the word "meat" means muscle. Meat is a euphemism for the flesh of an animal. 

The video is duplicated below but it is from a different platform in case the TikTok video above fails. The one below may also fail 🤞.

Wild cats and indoor/outdoor domestic cats eat all the animal including the gut and the contents of the stomach, the fur and some bones et cetera. It is the whole which provides the balanced diet with all the requisite ingredients.

We exactly what ingredients are needed by domestic cats and can add them in commercially made food. If you feed your cat a raw diet you can buy a powdered supplement which contains these essential nutrients to add to the mix. 


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