Monday 13 December 2021

Chenle's cat whisker dimple

This image is on Twitter. I like it because I like anything which refers to the domestic cat which this very definitely does. I see the image of a domestic cat's whiskers etched on Chenle's face, around his eyes. I guess he is exaggerating for the camera but when he laughs or smiles the whisker lines are produced. His name is written thus in Korean writing, Hangul: 천러

So who is this guy? I had never heard of him which is unsurprising because he's a Chinese singer, songwriter and actor currently based in South Korea. In the West we don't hear much about these celebrities from Asia. They seem to obtain their celebrity status within Asia. His full name is Zhong Chenle but he is known professionally by the mononym Chenle. He is on Wikipedia which is always indicative of success.


Chenle's cat whisker dimple
Chenle's cat whisker dimple

There are a lot of South Korean K-pop bands all of which are made up of pretty boys. They are all over Twitter. I am not a fan of K-pop or their childish tweets but they are very popular but manufactured by producers. They are like robotic clones; all very similar with constant attention to a preened appearance and an androgynous look. K-pop is for young girls. The only reason why this photograph is on this page is because, you guessed, there is a reference to cats.

Cat whiskers
Cat whiskers. Photo: Pixabay.

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