Saturday 13 November 2021

Video shows how domestic cats escape the jaws of coyotes

This Ring doorbell-video camera shows us how indoor/outdoor domestic cats save their lives and escape the jaws of those resourceful and dangerous coyotes in the USA. They climb. The climbing ability of the domestic cat will save them countless times. They are great climbers as is every cat species. 

Some are better than others and some wild cat species actually live in trees more than on the ground. The domestic cat is in between the best and the worst which means that they are very skilled by human standards. I guess we all know that but it's a lifesaver when it comes to predation by coyotes. Coyotes can climb pretty well but nowhere near as well as domestic cats.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

For example, coyotes cannot climb trees (or if they rarely do, it'll probably be exceptional) because their bodies are not adapted to it and their claws aren't either. They're too rigid and their claws are too blunted. The domestic cat is enormously flexible and the the claws of their forepaws are very sharp as we all know 😇 .

Coyotes kill a lot of cats; stray, domestic and feral. Many escape but many don't. Sometimes cats frighten off a single coyote but the coyote may be infirm or inexperienced. Or they may have been ambushed and surprised by a courageous cat. But most often the coyote is a real danger to domestic cats.

Cat escapes coyote by climbing
Cat escapes coyote by climbing. Screenshot.

We don't have an overall number of domestic cats killed by coyotes in America in a year. But a study carried out recently in California by the National Park Service which found that 20% of urban coyotes' diets are made up of domestic, stray and feral cats. 

They are highly adaptable and a recent study found coyotes were present in 96 out of 105 cities surveyed in the US. They attack cats and dogs. In six months, in Culver city, there were 40 pet deaths recorded from coyote attacks. It is a major reason why cat caregivers keep their cats inside full-time in America. 

It's not a problem that people face in Europe. Certainly in the UK cat owners do not fear attacks on their cats by predators. It is not part of the British culture. It's road traffic which is the biggest danger in Britain.

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