Sunday 28 November 2021

VIDEO: Cat interrupts a live show on Georgia’s Kavkasia TV

This is a nice reaction from the TV host. He smiles and looks very relaxed about the interruption to his show by a domestic cat who must have been on set behind the camera. It is remarkable that the cat was allowed to wander onto the set. I think it is nice though. It breaks up all that dry, boring news stuff and adds a bit charm to the proceedings. It detunes it and humanises it. Although you couldn't allow it to happen too often otherwise someone would complain that the TV channel was trivialising the news.

Georgia's TV Kavkasia said they don’t know where the came from and the was definitely not part of the show! Yes, I am sure that was the case. 😃 .

شاهد.. #جورجيا.. قطة تقتحم بثاً مباشراً لبرنامج «Kavkasia» عندما قفزت فجأة على المكتب أمام المذيع المصدر: anews #صحيفة_الخليج #الخليج_خمسون_عاماً

Posted by ‎صحيفة الخليج‎ on Saturday, November 20, 2021

Here is a screenshot from the video:

Cat invades TV show and presenter likes it
Cat invades TV show and presenter likes it. Screenshot.

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