Friday 19 November 2021

Blue British Shorthair kitten consoles crying boy and wipes away his tears

The boy's mum scolded him for not doing his homework. It looks like she videoed him at the same time! 😉 It's a bit sick to scold your boy and make him cry and video the whole thing for social media. Anyway, his mom said "Don't cry!". They live in the Suqian in Jiangsu Province. The video was made in November 17, 2021. Below is a screenshot from the video. This is one of the cutest kittens that I have seen and I've seen tens of thousands. The kitten reaches out to his boy companion and touches the boy below the left eye as if to wipe away a tear.

The family adopted the blue British Shorthair from a friend about a month ago and since then the kitten has kept the boy company as he does him homework. 

There seems to be a bond there that will go a long way. Let's hope so.

I can't embed the video on this page. I am afraid that you'll have to click on the following link to see it. Sorry. Click this link to see the video. The link takes you to Newsflare.

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