Friday 19 November 2021

Maybe the saddest kitten picture you will see (Malaysia)

These are two photographs of the same kitten taken in Malaysia. I don't know who took photographs but they are on Twitter. They were tweeted by an individual or group on Twitter with 803,000 followers. That's almost a million followers. I have a terrible sense that they are using these photographs as commodities. 

Maybe the saddest kitten picture you will see (Malaysia)
Maybe the saddest kitten picture you will see (Malaysia). Photo: Twitter.

All I want to know is what happened to this kitten? Was the kitten rescued? What is going on? I don't want to see kittens like this used to improve a group's Twitter feed. It's a very sad photograph. It shows a kitten alone, giving up, abandoned. You wouldn't expect this kitten to have much more than a day or two to live looking at this photograph. 

Maybe the saddest kitten picture you will see (Malaysia)
Maybe the saddest kitten picture you will see (Malaysia). Photo: Twitter.

Why did the person photograph the kitten? Why didn't they just pick him up and take him home and care for him? Do we have to photograph every single thing we see? Do we have do have in the back of our minds whether something we see will make a good tweet or a good social media post on Facebook?

Nowadays, it seems that everything we do we photograph. Everything we see we photograph and try and obtain some hits on social media with it. We have got to feed that monster. That voracious monster needs a constant stream of words and photographs and videos. 

You can never stop. You must always make Facebook and YouTube bigger and bigger. In the meantime kittens are dying on the street because they were abandoned or born to an abandoned mother who had not been sterilised. 

How many kittens die like this not long after birth? We just accept it. It is just another sad, interesting photograph on social media. The person who took the photograph should provide a full record of what happened and how they saved the kitten. We don't get that. We get a cold photograph. An unemotional record of a lonely, sad, uncared for, depressed, starving, dying kitten.

NOTE: It has occurred to me that this photo was set up. It could be. Take a kitten off the street and use them as a 'model' in sad lonely place. Did that happen? No idea. But it might have happened.

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