Monday 22 November 2021

21 points about the alleged scam to get people to donate to treat a sick rescue cat

This is a compressed summary in bullet fashion of an alleged scam concerning a community cat who needed expensive med treatment to be paid for via online donations. Scroll down for the bones of the story.

Gogi - alleged but not true
Gogi - alleged but not true. Pic: FB

Alleged fake vet bill
Alleged fake vet bill. Pic: FB.

  1. This is a story about an alleged scam by a 20-year-old woman who gave the impression she lived in Singapore;
  2. She called herself Nora Nur;
  3. She said that she had rescued a community cat from Punggol, Singapore. She claimed the cat had been abandoned;
  4. She had called the cat Gogi;
  5. On the Facebook group Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats she asked for donations, small amounts like $5.10 dollars;
  6. She uploaded pictures of the cat and a veterinarian's bill from a real veterinary surgery: Frankel Veterinary Centre;
  7. She said the cat needed expensive treatment: 6,000 Singapore dollars for feline infectious peritonitis treatment and 800 Singapore dollars for a hysterectomy;
  8. It is quite common for cat rescuers to seek donations on Facebook for veterinary treatment;
  9. Allegedly, she was using this fact to get donations from people who are sympathetic towards rescue cat;
  10. A member of the above Facebook group, Lee Siew Yian, did some research and decided that her appeal for donations was a scam;
  11. They decided that the vet bill was a fake and the photographs of the cat were also faked. The pictures of the cat were taken from other pages on social media and there was no such cat called Gogi in need of expensive veterinary surgery and treatment;
  12. The veterinary clinic concerned confirmed that they did not issued the aforesaid bill and neither had they treated a cat with that name;
  13. This got back to the police and they investigated;
  14. Police officers from Bedok Police Division establish the identity of the 20-year-old woman and arrested her;
  15. 60 people had donated to her alleged fake cause;
  16. A 25 year-old man is assisting police investigations;
  17. Nora Nur changed her story said that the cat and her diseases were real but that the cat lived in Vietnam and not Singapore. She had tried to raise money in Vietnam without success. She therefore had sought funding through the Internet on a Singapore community cat Facebook webpage instead of in Vietnam;
  18. Nur has been criticised by people for using animals as part of a scam to get money off people;
  19. Nur apologised for what she's done and said that she will give the money back to the people who donated. She insisted that the fundraising operation had indeed occurred in Vietnam and that she had never tried to scam money. She sincerely apologised.
  20. Nur and her mother decided to sponsor all of Gogi's medical bills. I take this to mean that between them they will pay the bills;
  21. Can anybody trust her bearing in mind what she has done? Is she now telling the truth?

Hi everyone, after talking & talking, I have made a decision. All donors that transferred money to Davis Account...

Posted by Nora Nur on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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