Thursday 25 November 2021

Russians love their cats. A balcony window for the cat.

I think that the Russians love their cats. There are some amazing breeders of Maine Coons in Russia and they love their purebred cats. Well not all Russians. But there appears to be quite a healthy cat fancy in Russia. I don't know much about Russia but I have this strong sense that they have an affinity with the domestic cat like the Turkish despite the fact that it is not a great country for a domestic cat because of the climate. 

It looks pretty hostile and they do have feral cats who tend to live in the basement of apartment blocks which they access through little holes in the wall. I presume these are ventilation holes. I don't know how they survive in the winter. It just looks awful.

A balcony window for the cat
A balcony window for the cat. Image: @Prostoilogin/

And on this page we see an intriguing photograph of an extended balcony of an apartment which might well have been built in breach of planning permission. I've seen lots of balconies built in Russia which must have been constructed in breach of planning laws if there are planning laws to be in breach of.

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But this is a very cute balcony extension because I think this is a full-time indoor domestic cat and the owner has been tender and sweet enough to build in to the balcony wall a window specifically for their cat. It doesn't get much better than that in terms of considering the welfare of your cat.

This cat can now look out the window and enjoy "cat television" which is what it is because they can watch the wildlife and the human life.

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