Sunday 7 November 2021

Animal rescuer says that the police got it wrong over The Croydon Cat Killer

You may remember the series of domestic cat mutilations and "murders" of domestic cats in Croydon, London which occurred a several years ago now, as I recall. It was all over the press. After much investigation, the police declared that the multiple cat killings and mutilations were the work of foxes. They decided that there was no depraved human mutilating indoor/outdoor cats and placing cat heads and limbs in people's back gardens.

Alley a cat found decapitated in a Christchurch garden
Alley a cat found decapitated in a Christchurch garden. RIP. So sad. Photo: Emma Jane Blehs

Mr Jenkins who works at the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty rescue organisation has investigated thousands of killings of cats and rabbits where they have been decapitated and dismembered. And although the Metropolitan Police closed The Croydon Cat Killer case in 2015, Mr Jenkins strongly disagrees as apparently do many veterinarians.

Mr Jenkins is now investigating the death of a domestic cat in Christchurch, UK, owned by a resident, Emma Jane Blehs. Her cat was found without a head in another resident's garden.

Mr Jenkins told the local paper the Daily Echo: 

“The vets have confirmed it was a clean cut and human related. The head was removed and that is consistent with cases I have investigated.

“The ‘Croydon Cat Killer’ suggests it is only happening in Croydon but it is as far as Dorset. I can’t confirm it is the killer until I have seen photos.

“The Metropolitan Police closed its case, foxes don’t cleanly remove heads and place them in gardens.”

He says that the lack of blood on the body or at the scene indicates that it's a person. This seems to be, to him, a copycat version of the Croydon killings or is it the same person? Unfortunately, there are no clues or evidence as this mysterious individual avoids security cameras.

Mr Jenkins keeps a log of all these incidents and he hopes that they will prove useful eventually in prosecuting what he feels is certainly a person and not foxes killing domestic cats in the most barbaric way.

My personal opinion is that he's probably right. I say this because the police tend to want to wash their hands of this sort of case. They are too difficult and they don't feel that they can assign the resources to these sorts of crimes because they don't think that they are important enough. When it comes to animal cruelty the police don't want to be involved. The same can be said of burglaries and thefts from shops.

In the UK, the police are doing a very poor job of work in protecting the citizens of this country. They've lost the trust of the people of Great Britain and they are consistently embroiled in scandal and sleaze as evidenced by the recent misogynistic WhatsApp messaging between serving police officers. There's lots more if you want to spend time reading about it in the press. It all paints a terrible picture of malaise and a police force which has lost its moral compass and integrity and therefore respect.

P.S. It could be foxes! 😏 They can do some strange stuff and this is so odd that I sometimes think it is unlikely to be the work of a person.

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