Wednesday 3 November 2021

Feline version of the Catalonian human tower (fail)

Immediately on seeing this picture I thought of the Catalonian festivals when they build amazing human towers. They look incredibly dangerous but eyecatching. The feline version is eyecatching too but for a different reason: the guy on the ground almost lost his eye 👋 😀

The feline version:

Photo in the public domain.

The human version:

Picture also in the public domain.

These are cats of a stray cat colony, it seems to me. It is hard to know how this happened. Perhaps the person who took the photograph was feeding the cats and one, the dominant one (a female as she is a calico), decided to leap up and grab the food and use other cats as a platform to get there. If that is what happened I can fully understand. I have feeling that I am correct and that the photographer was feeding them to entice them over so that he/she could get a good pic.

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