Saturday 27 November 2021

China's Ora Good Cat electric vehicle is ideal for cat lovers and environmentalists

It's coming to Europe and I would hope that it is coming to America. It is a good looking EV (electric vehicle) from China called the Ora Good Cat, which is an interesting name. I've decided that it is a name designed to attract people who like cats and who live with them. And the classic profile of that kind of person is a woman, specifically an independent-minded woman concerned about the environment and therefore in the market to buy a compact EV 😊. In a woke age of strict equality we can't exclude cat-loving men either! Although the design is so obviously targeted at women.

Ora Good Cat
Ora Good Cat EV from China. Manufacturer: Great Wall Motors.

And if the marketing bumf is to be believed then this is a good EV. The biggest worry about EV is the mileage on one charge.

They say that the car does 501 km or 311 miles on one charge. I think you could sensibly reduce that to about 250 miles on one charge under real-life circumstances which includes putting on the air conditioning under cold and hot weather conditions. And the amount of miles you get from an EV depends on how you drive it. You have to drive EVs differently to standard petrol and diesel cars.

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I would expect that this car has a breaking charging system. This is a gear you can select so that the car breaks when you lift your foot off the accelerator. And in breaking it charges the battery. You let the car slow itself down without using the brakes. It takes a little while to adjust. But it substantially increases the mileage you obtain on one charge of the battery.

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As mentioned (twice already 😕) the car is designed with women in mind in my opinion. It's quite compact which is why I'm surprised at the extent of the mileage they say can achieve. Batteries are big and heavy which is why EV's with a long-range are big cars. They are too big for the average motorist in my view.

This car is described as a 'subcompact' and it is made by Great Wall Motors under its electric vehicle brand, ORA, since November 24, 2020. I believe that it is already on sale in Thailand where it has caused a stir. The date of this post is November 27, 2021.

The design is retro which is popular. Sales formally began on November 24, 2020. It's quite a quick car because the electric motor develops 143 hp. That will mean that the car is quite nippy.

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