Should male cats eat wet food?

This is silly question but Google seems to think that people ask it, but I can't understand why. Of course, male cats should eat wet cat food. Male and female domestic cats have the same basic dietary requirements except for when the female is pregnant (see: How do I know if my cat is pregnant?). This post is bound to be short as the answer is so obvious.

Male hairless cat with an extraordinary face
This male cat is from somewhere in the galaxy and does no eat standard cat food but Martian foods. :) Photo in the public domain.

Perhaps there is a more pressing reason why male cats should eat wet food: they are more likely to have a urinary obstruction and the more fluids they can ingest the better to help flush the system. In fact, dry cat food is probably more likely to cause a UTI (urinary tract infection) in male cats than females.

The response to the question is to say that male cats must eat wet cat food at least as a major component of their diet.


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