Tuesday 22 June 2021

Laser declaw is NOT humane, do not listen to their lies

Laser declawing is, in my opinion, an invention by veterinarians to try and better sell to the paying and gullible public their gruesome operation which is their bread-and-butter and which is worth billions of dollars annually across North America. 

They effectively con millions of cat owners out of their money in convincing them that declawing is okay and that their cat is not going to be harmed 'that much' and will recover from the operation very quickly et cetera. Declawing is never a last resort for the veterinarian despite what their association tells them that it must be. Declawing is bloody painful and there can often be complications and long-term behavioural consequences.

Laser declaw is NOT humane, do not listen to their lies
Laser declaw is NOT humane, do not listen to their lies

Some veterinarians promote declawing by giving discounts and vouchers and this sort of objectionable promotion. As the Twitter post says laser declawing is not humane. The veterinarians of North America are deceiving the public. In one post I decided that they were genuinely evil because they place profit before everything else, deciding to conveniently brush under the carpet the enormity of the cruelty in leaving kittens without their claw upon which they so obviously rely. 

Nature gave them claws for a purpose. If people don't like cat claws, they should not adopt a cat. It's a simple formula. You don't modify your bloody cat as if you're modifying or customising a car or something like that. These are sentient creatures.

A cat's claws are very important. They allow a cat to stretch, they deposit scent on objects when they scratch those objects. They use claws to hold on to prey animals and to grasp objects. And above all, a cat owner can avoid being scratched with a little bit of prudence and common sense. 

If a cat owner understands their cat and understands when they are going to use their claws in a certain way then they can be avoided. It is beholden upon the cat owner to take steps to work around claws. That is part of good cat ownership. It is part of responsible cat ownership. It is highly irresponsible and cruel to declaw.

It's remarkable that many cat owners who declaw their cat say that they love them. These cats are members of their family. And yet they brutally mutilate them for their own convenience! It's a form of madness. And the veterinarians are part of this criminality, as I would describe it. Of course, it is not criminal but the kind of mutilation perpetrated by veterinarians in this operation would be criminal if anybody other than veterinarians did it!

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