Wednesday 2 June 2021

Dame Mary Archer has loved cats since childhood

I've just discovered that Dame Mary Archer loves cats. For those who don't know, she is a high-profile lady living in the UK. And I use the word "lady" carefully because she is very lady-like. She is highly educated and very attractive. She is married to Jeffrey Archer the former politician and novelist. Mary Archer is a scientist trained in physical chemistry at Oxford University and she has a PhD. She is an expert in the chemistry of solar panels.

Dame Mary Archer and her cat Sunita 2015
Dame Mary Archer and her Bengal cat Sunita 2015. Photo: Daily Mail.

But the point of this article is that she has always loved cats since she was a little girl. She also loves her study at her home in Cambridgeshire, UK. An article about her dated January 2015 and published online on the Daily Mail website shows her with a Bengal cat, Sunita (see above). She says that Sunita likes water which is very typical of wild cat hybrids and also likes the warmth of a computer which is typical of all domestic cats.

Dame Mary Archer says she likes cats because they're self-sufficient and entertaining but I'm sure she likes them for other reasons, but the one stated are the ones I normally hear. I think we can add: reliability, consistency, persistence, likeability, emotional and physical warmth (on a cold and hostile winter night). And many more reasons. I just love their reliability. They are far more reliable and consistent than humans.

Postscript: I learnt about Dame Mary Archer's love of cats because she was a character witness at the criminal trial of Lady Lavinia Nourse (79) the wife of a famous and now deceased British judge who was accused wrongly of child abuse long ago. The jury took a mere five minutes to acquit her which strongly indicates the inappropriateness of the prosecution. But that is another story. As a character witness Mary Archer said that both lady Lavinia and herself were mad about cats. I suspect that that was meant to give the impression that Lady Lavinia is inherently a good person and I agree with it! If a person is mad about cats, they cannot be a bad person. And therefore, they can't be a child sex abuser.

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