Sunday 13 June 2021

woo!ah! (우아!) – 겁쟁이 (SCAREDY CAT) Animated Lyric Video

This is an animated video from South Korea I believe. I don't understand! :) But I like the fact that it is made in South Korea and I think a website about cats should explore every possible avenue. This is an international sort of video because if you look at it, you'll see these cats (are they cats?) in different countries including London, UK and Rome, Italy. You will also see them in Egypt at the Sphinx monument. Like I said, I don't know what it's about but perhaps it is simply an animated video to provide a background to the music which isn't bad even for an English person like myself.

Do me a favour and don't watch it on YouTube! Watch it here, please. And please read the below message.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

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