Hairless cat from the oil fields of Siberia

This is a striking hairless cat from: Noyabrsk City, Russia, the largest city in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia; located in the middle of the West Siberian oil fields, on the Tyumen-Novy Urengoy railway about 300 km north of Surgut. He/she looks like a Sphynx but she might be a Don Sphynx (the Russian Sphynx) or a hairless dwarf cat without dwarfism! Let's just say she is a hairless cat from Siberia and she caught my eye. She/he was bred by Любовь Козаченко, who also took the photo. It is a fairly unsophisticated photo but noticeable for the cat's wrinkled skin. Why do hairless cats have wrinkled skin?

See above for details and credit.


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