Pop song, Epik High (에픽하이) - Rosario from S. Korea puts cats to sleep!

Rosario. Screenshot.

Well, according to one tweet this Korean pop song puts cats to sleep. She tweets:

So I’m genuinely surprised @blobyblo I’ve seen so many people use lullaby for a cat but i just experienced it 1st hand. It’s 3:33am here and our kitten got the zoomies. He would not chill so I played the song I kid you not 1 min in and he passed out on my slippers.

 This is the song:

I can hear nothing in the song that is likely to put cats to sleep. The beginning is reminiscent of cat music but the remainder is human pop song stuff so I am not convinced that this song a feline sleep-inducer as stated. The video caption is: Epik High (에픽하이) - Rosario ft. CL, ZICO Official MV. See some articles featuring the search term 'cat music'.


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