Sunday 20 June 2021

Cats sleeping on a toy train set

Is this real or a very good example of photo-editing? Answer: it's photo-editing but it's good enough to look real. It is a variation on the giant killer kitty theme when monster cats roam around the city smashing building to bits and squashing pedestrians as they scream in terror. B-movie stuff but in the home using a train set!

It is a nice picture deserving of publishing here. I've taken the liberty in presuming that it is in the public domain i.e. free of intellectual property rights but if I am wrong, please tell me in a comment.

Cats sleeping on a toy train set
Cats sleeping on a toy train set. Picture from and uploaded by r/photoshopbattles, which tells me that it is unreal but it is a close call as it is done so well.

Photo-editing images of cats has become slightly problematic as sometimes you can't tell if an outstanding cat is genuine or fake. The most outstanding example of photoshopping cats occurred around 14 years ago when I think it was a woman in New Zealand or Australia used Photoshop to give the appearance that domestic cats had been painted. They were called 'pained cats' and they were all over the internet.

I have just recalled who was involved. Heather Bush, was the named co-author (the illustrator) of the best-selling book (the photographer and illustrator) titled: Why Painted Cat. The other author was Burton Silver.  The trouble with the book is that it misleads people into believing that the cats really were painted. That was upsetting to some people.

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